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Proxy Status Check - Proxy Tool

This service was created so that you see if you are behind a proxy or not. If you are sure you are behind a proxy but IP Blocker says your not you can simply retry the test again. This is a handy tool, and a free internet resource. I beleieve they are based in Chicago.

iPhone Repair Chicago - Atlanta and Charlotte

This service can help you if you need assistance with an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad or even a iPod Classic Repair service which is generally much faster than sending it corporate. Whether you are in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami or Charlotte, North Carolina, this is a fine Iphone repair service for a cracked 3g screen water damaged and dropped parts as well.

Internet Law Attorney - Washington DC

If you are in Washington DC and need a superlative e-commerce, domain name litigation or internet law attorney or lawyer, then I recommend Cyberlaw. You do not have to be a big company like Motorola or Blackberry or have a rpoduct such as an iphone repair service to benefot from their copywrite and trademark plus internet law knowledge.

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